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Welcome back from Iraq and Afghanistan. I want to personally thank you for your service and recognize the sacrifice you and your family have made for our country.

If you have been home for a while you may have noticed some changes in yourself, your family or the way you see the world. Some changes have likely been positive and some of them difficult. Are you uncomfortable in hot weather, very irritable in long lines or crowds? If you have found yourself avoiding over passes, you are not alone. Some returning veterans don’t like red lights because the red lights remind vets of checkpoints during their deployments. Do you feel responsible or think you may have saved someone? If these changes in yourself do not get better in a few weeks, then you may want to talk to someone about that.

It is possible to sleep through the night, enjoy our freedoms more, value life and relationships more and enjoy your friends and family after your tour.

Again, thank you. I look forward to meeting you.

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