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Insurance Information

Insurance Plans Accepted

Please contact your provider to confirm that I am an “in-network provider” before you call me to request an appointment. I do not accept Medi-Cal and Medicaid. 

Including the following agencies:

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What if Dr. Bisek does not take my insurance?

First please consult the Insurance Helpful Hints document. Then check with your insurance provider and ask them if I am an “in-network provider.” If not, you may ask them if they would reimburse you for paying cash for making an appointment with an out-of-network provider. If they agree, then ask them “a % of what amount?” This way you can calculate how much you will spend per session.

I can provide you with a receipt when you pay me directly and you can submit that to the insurance company.

You may also ask your tax representative if these expenses are tax-deductible.

Insurance coverage: Some helpful hints

See our helpful hints page for more information.

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